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Have you ever heard of writing down your immutable laws for your business? How about if I call them your core values or ethics?

Knowing and writing down your core values, or immutable laws, is essential as these are your self-assigned rules as to what you will accept and what you will reject. These will help guide you throughout your decision making within your business. 

Below are my immutable laws, let's see if we align?

    Honesty First

    This is pretty self explanatory, I highly rate honesty, I will be honest with you and will expect you to be honest with me. I understand if you didn't have time to do the worksheet, life happens!

    Full Commitment

    When we agree to work together I will commit to doing my part, which is being fully focused and honest, helping you to strategise and committing to this coaching relationship. I love working with business owners that feel and work in the same way.

    Look for the Win -Win

    This is based on habit 4 from the book "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey. In it he expresses how the frame of mind of seeking a mutually beneficial agreement or solution, will please both parties and encourage both to commit to the action plan. This is a more co-operative rather than competitive mindset. 

    Time is Precious

    Time is a precious commodity and we would all like to have more of it, whether it is for our business or personal life. I will respect your time and won't waste it, I request that you do the same.