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Create a Service Package Instead of Hourly Rates

Discover the secret of creating service packages for you clients.

Trading Hours for Money Limits Your Growth

Offering services gives you space to grow as you start your business. You learn about what your audience wants and how to deliver it. 

But as amazing as doing service work is, you still face a serious limitation—your time. You can charge for the hours you work, but there are only so many hours in the day.

For me personally, I offered paid media which cost my clients a fee each month, plus they pay for my time. I used to feel limited on the amount I could charge.

If this is happening for you, it means your potential and income will cap out - unless you change the way you offer your services.

Packages Are the Key to Getting Paid Better for Your Time

  • Packages aren't about time or money. Your knowledge is valuable. Your experience is priceless. 

  • Packages work for every industry

  • As you get more familiar with the packages you will become more efficient.

What Services Could You Create a Package Around?

Think about the service requests you already get. 

If you’re a website designer, do you get requests to put together snazzy sales pages complete with beautiful graphics? If you’re a virtual assistant, are your clients always begging you to set up their mailing list in ConvertKit?

Focus on Your Favourites.

As you begin looking for tasks that you could turn into packages, make notes of your favourite ones. You’ll want to build an offer around the services that you most enjoy so that you’re excited and eager to sell your new package.

  • A Good Package Is Easy to Describe

  • A Good Package Is Easy to Say Yes To

  • A Good Package Is Exciting to YOU

If you need some help to figure out the packages you could offer, why not download the worksheet on this page, find a quiet space and spend an hour brainstorming?

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